Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy Bee

I know I never write on this anymore but I am keeping busy with school and home life. I have been doing a lot of reading for my courses Plus I have to make up a course that I got an INC in due to my daughter's early arrival last Spring.

Can't believe she is going to be a year!!

I still haven't found out the sex of this baby and I am 21 weeks! I went for an ultrasound when I was 18 weeks and she couldn't tell me. It seemed like she was unsure and that she really didn't want to tell me but she did say that she thought it was a girl. I went to my regular doctor 2 days ago and he was unable to give me a sonogram because 1- he said I was not to get another one until 36 weeks in which is BS because I never got my 2nd one - insurance companies only allow one per trimester-I also had to point out that My daughter, Marley came 5 weeks early last time so I never got my last one then so he owes me) and 2- he said that he had no time anyways because he had just got back from Vacation and he was busy especially since I come at night! So I scheduled an appointment for a 3D sonogram on 4/29! I need to know! I have ZERO patience!!!!

I also have been really stressed due to school and babies and all so my BP was a little high (120/70) I mean it's not so bad but we are constantly watching it because of my placenta abrupta last time!

I am babbling now so I will say good-bye and hopefully I will come back soon......

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