Friday, June 25, 2010

The Keys to an Abundant Life By Gerry M Hartigan

Genre: Self-help
Pages: 182
Format: Download PDF
Rating 3.5/ Stars

I was lucky enough to receive this book from the author through

First, I have to admit that upon reading this I kept asking myself if I really could believe all this stuff about believing things would work out the more you put your mind to things in life but as I read on I found some things to be true and understandable. As I said, I am not really into the whole “self help” thing but things work here.

The opening g of the book started out great. I love books that grab you straight away. He speaks of how keys open things and are very important in life. You really can’t go anywhere without your keys and they hold a very special metaphor for life.

I always say those things that Hartigan says such like treat your kids very special and hold them dear to you because the more you love a child, or anyone for that matter, they will be happy and so will you, making life and even the world more happy. Many things he makes clear and is so very true, most of it I already do. I feel I am a positive person and of course there are things I must change. The only thing I would change about myself would be not to be so lazy but it is hard to change when I go to graduate school, work full time, and have 2 babies under 2. It is difficult but as the book goes just stay happy and energy will come to me so long as I keep a positive attitude.

There are many great quotes and positive things in the this book and I didn’t think that I would enjoy this but I read it in just over a day and a half because I was so wrapped in it that I couldn’t let go. I feel that he had many good things to say and he gave such good advice that I hope many people read this and not take it for granted and take it as it is. There are no hidden things and now things that will make things go out of control. Everything is straight forward and easily understood and doesn’t make you work hard. It makes you want to go out and laugh and make life easy and happy.

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