Monday, August 23, 2010

Be the Lead Dog - Liz Parrish

This was a very informative and interesting read. I never thought I would ever learn so much about sledding and their dogs. The book starts off by introducing you to a world of sledding. Liz explains everything about sledding. She explains the roles of each dog, the role of the musher and the equipment used. She even explains the meanings of the commands. This book explains the lessons that are taught and learned by and from the dogs and the musher. It is a close family and team and she goes to explain each lesson in detail even giving you her own person story at the end of each lesson. She also gives some tips on how to better achieve your goal. There is also a notes section at the end of each chapter/lesson so you can write your personal goals, action plan and/or just some notes that may help you along the way. I really think Liz Parrish did a great job with this. She not only teaches you lessons and gives tips she brings sledding to a whole new interesting level.

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