Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: A Mother's Story - Gloria Venderbilt

Genre: Memoir
Pages: 190

Read: October 2011

Rating 2/5 stars

Format: Hardcover Large Print

I watch the new Anderson show and I never knew much about him and when he had his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt on his show, i was very intriged. I learned that his brother committed sucicide right in front of his mother so when I found out that she wrote a book about it I just had to read it. I read it in one day! It was such a quick read but I felt that the book is more for her than for other's. It seemed like a way for her to clear the air, so to speak. It really wasn't about Carter it was more about her and basically justifying actions and so on. When she did go on about Carter and how he came to die it was truly painful to read. I mean like, being a mom and being helpless to your child is just unbearable. How he did is just crazy! He wasn't even planning on it it was just his meds that made him do it and that is even worse. I can understand that if your life was miserable and you had to go (figuratively speaking) but just to do something because your high or because of your head not being in the right place, just hurts more. I can only imagine how much that had to suck for her.

I rating he book with 2 stars because it was simply OK. I mean, I felt that the book was her way of explaining to the world of her life and really not so much about Carter. I think she really wrote it to help herself. Get the weight lifted. But I truly felt sorry and really wished she was right and someone was going to tell her that he will be right back.

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