Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay. I wanted to start this blog to just flat out blab about what kinda crap or non-crap that I am reading. I also wanted to get some feedback on what others are reading and/or to discuss some of my books.

So I read constantly but I guess I will start with the book I am currently Reading which is Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. First let's start by saying that I did not know that this was the son of Stephen King. I don't kn ow if I would have read it or not. I dunno why but I just might not have. I am on Goodreads and one of the book clubs I started voted on this book and since I am the moderator I just has to read it.

My impressions thus far:
Well I am only on page 65 and..... well I dunno. I really don't read this books. I used to when I was younger but I guess it just didn't interest me anymore but I guess it is okay. I am not bad mouthing it I am just not hating it. I am probably going to finish reading it rather quickly just so I can get onto my next read which is either Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (which is another different book club that I am in) or House of Leaves by Mark D (something).
But Hey, I may just end up loving the book but only time will tell...

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