Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I just wanna also use this blog to vent my frustrations and also to just speak up about anything and everything. Just on in if you feel it right.

I will start on my daily frustrations. I am a bitch and I get annoyed quite quickly on my morning commute on the subway.

What I like to do:
I make my coffee in the morning (if I make it it sux, if my husband does, it's the best!), hopefully I can make the train I want, when I get on the train I like to read my book and lean up against either the wall of the glass. For the most part of my trip into work I am pretty comfy until a few stops into Brooklyn and I get fat ass Bertha squishing in. I am a small person so I think larger people figure that the extra space on my seat is for sharing in which it is not. It is mine no matter how large or small my ass may be it is still mine (follow the line separating us!). I try to spread out as much as I can until my whole seat is covered. I get nice nasty looks by Bertha 'cause she needs more room but I don't care it's my seat!!! Bertha usually gets into the seat any then pushes back taking all my thigh fat with her. It hurts!!!
I always wait for Bertha to say something so I have a whole conversation in my head. but she never does she usually just stares down at me and then does her thang which most of the time entails her opening up her jacket and letting it fall onto me and eating a bacon, egg, and cheese. That's a whole other topic "people eating in public Especially closed spaces" but I only have so much time to vent today.
Sometimes I play pregnant so that maybe they will take some sympathy on me but she never does. I am venting simply because by the time I get to work my skin is all stretched out, I have food remnants in my hair, and I smell like eggs and Avon perfume!

AHHHH!!! I just got to stop myself before I hurt myself!!

Am I wrong??

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