Friday, November 7, 2008

Still going...

I am still reading Twilight and I am going through it pretty quick I am already on page 320! I want to get it over with!! I know a lot of you guys liked it but I am having trouble getting into to it. There are some parts I like but I just think there is a lot of things that could have been left unsaid and saved a couple of hundred pages. Like how slow she chewed her cereal! And although it's about Vampires and most are untrue it is still hard to comprehend the way people act according to their age!

I know I have been boring lately but that is just what I have been feeling BORED! Nothing exciting has happened since I started this blog and I hoping for the best. Life sucks when the economy sucks! I have a baby and a husband to take care of and not only that but I have Grad. school to worry about and work. AND I think I own half of my neighborhood $$$ Yes I became the person I never wanted to be but at least I know I am good for it I do have a conscience. But this is why I am busting my ass, it has to work itself out eventually. I am not going to work this hard for nothing!

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