Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Reading Twilight

So.... I am on Page 155 and still moseying along. Can't say much about the book except that I am still reading it. It is a pretty easy read and I probably would have been done with it already except that I have lots of papers to do. My next book will be the Last Lecturer. That is a very small book so it should take me a short amount of time to read it.

Not much happened today except that I left my wallet at work yesterday with over $300 in it because I forgot to go to the bank and everyone I tried to call did not answer me do I finally got in touch with someone when I got home and they put it away safely for me and it was there in the AM and it was fine. But as I was on the Subway platform last night I dropped my retainer case on the floor and now I have to burn the damn thing to get all the dirt and grime off it!!! The thought of putting it back in my mouth just makes me sick. Maybe I will tell my Orthodontist to give me a new one and that I lost it because honestly....

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