Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nothing really...

There has not been much going on in my boring life. I am now 3 months pregnant and had a terrible morning yesterday on my commute to work. I got such a bad migraine that I had to get off and call my husband to come and get me and the minute I got home I got sick. But I took a long nap and my sitter stayed so I woke up feeling better.

I just finished Black Flies by Shannon Burke (yes it's a guy name!!!!) and I really liked it. It was a guys life as he began his journey as a medic in Harlem. It is sick ans strange but I liked it! I knew a lot of the places he was talking about because I went to City College on 138th and Convent Ave. I do think people would get a kick out of this book. Don't read it if you have a weak stomach though! It is also a very quick read it just took me forever because I was so tired and plus the holidays but I am getting back on track now!

I am reading my Goodreads bookclub book for December Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem. So far so good. It is very interesting! It's about a guy who has Turret's and is telling his life story, sorta. I am only on Page 55 so I will keep you posted!

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