Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Far SO Good

I am really enjoying Loving Frank. I love the idea that it's based around the early 1900's. It amazes me that the times have indeed changed! The story is an affair with Frank Lloyd Wright and it captures how then, it was a sin to have an affair and is shows how people who literally banish you if you were apart of such a scandal. NOW people opening cheat and lie and it's OK. I think I like it better as it was then than now...Sorta. I believe that marriage is sacred but I also believe that what you do in your private life should be left behind closed doors and to totally ban people because of what they do it...well...I don't really know. I am caught between the two. I def don't believe in adultery, that I can honestly say is not a good thing but I also believe that work and home life should be separate and people should get hired or fired based on their work conduct not home life. Does this make sense?

Well, anyway, To the right is an image of Frank Lloyd Wright from It was said to be dated around 1889. i thought it would be nice to have an image of him when the story was basically written around. I am hoping that others are enjoying this story as much as me. I am only on Page 140 but it is amazing still and I hope this becomes one of my all time fave! Kudos to Nancy Horan for writing a smash hit on her first published novel!!!
See you all on!

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