Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sorry I have been away for some time but as most of you may know. I recently had a baby! Vinni Francis was born July 1st 2009. She was 6lbs 12oz and now is almost 12lbs! She is a big fatty LOL.

So I am reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and so far so good. I am 650 pages in (944 in total). I am enjoying it and I probably won't give it a full 5 stars only because some parts seem too far fetched. There are some wonderful metaphors and there are also some that are just ridiculous but all in all I am enjoying it. It is a semi-biography and there are a lot of truth to his story but for obvious reasons it is not a true bio. The one thing that drives me most insane is how he makes himself out to be. granted he did more wonderful things in his life that my whole town would never compare to but he has also done a lot of horrible things too but he makes it out that he has redeemed himself by all the great things he has done. He may have built schools and the like but he has hurt people and stabbed a few along the way. What I am really trying to say is that he makes himself seem very cocky, which may not be a bad thing but...Well, you would just have to read it to understand me. I am having little trouble trying to get my words out that is why I read and don't write LOL.

Anyway, the book is soon to be a movie. In October 2004 he sold the movie rights to Johnny Depp, Brad Grey, Graham King, & Warner Brothers and he began writing the screenplay. The Shantaram project was put on hold due to the writers’ strike in 2008.Depp loved the novel and he invited the author to visit him in London. Everything was going fine until Depp quoted his price. All activity related to Shantaram came to a screeching halt after that. but it is now to be a film in 2011.

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