Monday, January 11, 2010

The Crossing Places - Elly Griffiths

So I won this book from and I liked it. I gave it 3/5 stars only because at points things were just to coincidental, which worked out at the end but it was frustrating in the beginning and the middle. I am sure i have mentioned before but I love archaeology and this was pretty cool to read about it. Although it wasn't too much in details regarding archaeology but it made sense not to go into too much detail because the average reader might go crazy with the terms and may not find it as interesting as those who love it.
Elly is a English writer and it always took me a minute to think about what certain words meant. I didn't have to look them up I just had to let it register more. Some things were a little predictable while others were completely surprising. I don't like to write spoilers so you would just have to read it to see what I mean. I liked how the main character, Ruth Galloway, was not young, beautiful and a size 2. It made things more real and I like the relationship between her and Henry (who just so happens to be my favorite character).
I am aware that this is Elly's first mystery and I think she just may be on the right path and although I haven't read her other books I would like to just for comparison.

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