Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paulo Coelho: A Warrior's Life - The Authorized Biography - Fernando Morais

Okay, so I never read any of Paulo Coelho's books but I do own them and I was going to get to them eventually! After reading this book I will push them up on my list. Fernando has a way with words. He truly is a great writer. His other books are not in English but from reading this one book I can tell he is quite good. I loved the beginning of how it is the present and it explains how famous he is. It is pretty awesome to see a writer be as famous as say a regular celebrity or even a president! He is super intelligent and his life was crazy! But I loved how it had built from it and how he never gave up. He truly id...Obsesses (?) with writing. You can tell from beginning to end the Paulo Coelho truly was born to write and it is amazing the things he went through and to where he is today is just astounding. His father is crazy but then again we do live in different cultures. Either way, his family is not normal and neither is Coelho and I think that's what makes him great. I hear so many wonderful things about his writing and I read some samples in the book so I have no doubts that I will not love his writings. I gave it a 4 starer (would have given a 3.75 if I could)

Stay tuned for when I do read the 2 books I own: The Zahir and The Alchemist.

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