Thursday, January 28, 2010

Extras - Scott Westerfeld

I gave both Uglies and Extras 4/5 stars. I thought that these two were the best of the bunch. I didn't care much for the other two. They were very repetitive when it came to those annoying new word creations. Extras does have it but it is not so much in your face.

This book introduces a whole new bunch of characters as well as bring in the old ones. It even brings in new worlds and hoe each country is still different from one another. Let's just call them "cultures". Extras is mainly set in Japan. All new new characters "speak" Japanese (even though we never hear/read it, we know it). Fame is very important and everyone has a face-rank number and to be in the top 1,000 is supposed to be considered a celebrity of some sort. Most people achieve this by posting "news" on message boards and the like. The ones with the best stories move up in rank. It was pretty interesting. Money is still not an issue but people did work for merits. The more you've helped (ie: babysitting, volunteering, doing homework) the more merits you earn and these merits earn you things. It's sorta like money but everything is earned honestly and by doing the right things.

If only....

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