Friday, February 12, 2010

That Old Cape Magic - Richard Russo

OK, maybe it is not my favorite Russo book but I still enjoyed it. I have it 3.5 stars! Not the 5 stars I gave to Bridge of Sighs but overall still a good read. I really do enjoy the style of writing the Russo does. He truly tells stories and makes you feel like you are a part of them. There were parts in the book where I actually laughed out loud or had a big smile across my face. I don't like to write Spoilers so I will avoid it but if you read it and get to the part with the BA sign and Harold's toast, then you will understand!

I love the history of the Cape. I love the family events and how hey return every year. We do hat with Coney Island. Even if the family is completely detached an, well, nuts! But aren't all families??? Some more so than others, as you well have read. I really liked the whole Browning family but wish there was a little bit more with them but still good anyhow. That Old Cape Magic may not have been my favorite but as always, Russo still is great at what he does.

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