Monday, February 8, 2010

The Elegance of the Hedghog - Muriel Barbery

I had to read this book for the February read for my work book club. At first I was very intimidated because of the mixed reviews with both online readers and those who have read it already at work so I automatically thought that I was not going to like it but that never stops me from reading it anyway! So I have it a shot and I guess you can put me on the list of those who liked it. I gave it 4/5 stars. I really waned to give it 3.5 but felt deserves a little more than that based on the writing skills.

This book was extremely poetic and philosophical. It was an enjoyable read with a heartfelt ending. I always said that those people are are super intelligent and/or artistic see the world very different and this book proved it. It's a 12 year old girl writing her thoughts and just ranting about her daily life and she is uber intelligent but people think something is wrong with her. Then there is the concierge and people think low of her because she didn't come from money and she is "the help" and she too is uber smart. This books just talks about their daily lives and it may not seem very interesting but it truly is. It is a moving story. But I couldn't help get the impression that the writer was sort of smug...? She just made me feel like I wasn't deserving of her writing but I am sure that's just my thinking. I think I was just intimidated by her writing.

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