Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Library Diaries - Ann Miketa

This book took me forever to get. I really wanted to read it based on all the controversy. So much so that there are only a handful printed. They discontinued the printing, the woman got fired and the book is now officially banned! It sells on Amazon for $1000! Thankfully I got it for under $40. It's a bout a library worker (not a librarian mind you) explaining, or shall I say demeaning, her regular patrons. She explains how they are retarded, have low IQ's, how they shouldn't be allowed to procreate, hoe they live and feed of government assistance, and how some of them are some sort of intelligent but are lazy. She really goes off on these people.
The book was bad! It was basically her just raving and ranting about people and how screwed up the library itself was and how people should not live their lives. It seems like she is either writing in her diary or as if she is speaking to someone else. There were some things that I agreed with but mos of it was BS and she must have been so fed up with her job and she just ranted! Most of the stuff she didn't know for sure and there are always two sides to every story.
OK. I undestand the freedom of speech but try not to hurt people in the place where you work!

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