Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sea of Monsters - Rick Riordan

OK, I like this whole series even if this is only the second one! I still think the first one was better even though I found myself laughing more at this one I still felt like this one was more child-like then The Lightning Thief. I gave the first one 4/5 stars whereas, I gave Sea of Monster 3/5 stars. All and all I am very excited to get to the 3rd installment. I love when books have a continuation to the next especially if they are good reads. Riordan has a very fun imagination and I am sure he has done his research on Greek Mythology. It makes me want to start researching as well, but that's he librarian in me! I don't think I will be adding anymore research in my life until school is finished.

But I already put in a request for The Titan Curse and I know if will be some time for it to get to my library (especially since the movie is out now) so it may be some time until you here from me again!

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