Monday, June 14, 2010

Honolulu -Alan Brennert

Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: Softcover
Pages: 431
ISBN: 9780312606343
Rating 4/5 Stars

I did very much like this book and at times I just couldn't put it down. It has been some time since I read a good book like this. I have been reading so many YA's lately that it was a nice change. As for Honolulu, I liked it enough to rate it 4 stars but not enough to give it the full 5 because there were times when I felt like I was reading footnotes mixed into the book. I know Brennert had to give more detailed information due to the many mixtures of cultures but at times it just drove me nuts. I also think it was annoying that I didn't really believe the main character, I mean, she didn't have any education and yet she "used" big words and it just didn't sound like it was her voice. I know it may be a problem writing from a man to a woman's voice and although I think he did a decent job I just don't think he did such a perfect one. I did like how he wove in true tales and real people and kinda recreated their former lives. It was very interested to read and I liked how he had pictures of them in the back of the book.

I had the privilege to talk with Brennert a while back in regards to Moloka'i and he was still in the works with Honolulu and he said that he fell in love with Hawaii and also loves their history as well as history in general so I was not surprised when I read Honolulu. He really did it justice and told a wonderful and beautiful story of the real American culture.


Allison said...

Nice to see a review of this :) I'm actually reading Moloka'i right now!

Becky said...

Hi! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I've awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award! Click Here!

Donna said...

Allison, I gave Moloka'i 5 stars!! Enjoy!!!