Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Genre: YA SiFi Fantasy
Pages: 563
Format: Hardcover / Library
ISBN: 9780316042673
Rating: 3/5

This book would have been a lot better if it were about 200 pages smaller. It dragged so much at times I had to force myself to continue on. The story line was cute and young love is always dear to read but I really didn't believe Ethan. I mean, two women were writing from his POV and it drove me crazy. First, a young guy like that does not talk the way he does. Not even in the South. There are guys like him just not at the age of 16. Maybe 35??? I don't know it was just hard to believe but then again it was a nice change. It's not like all that magic stuff is true either so it was nice to think that 16 year old boys could be like that too even if it is not true.

I gave such a rating simply on the book being well over 500 pages and most of it was unnecessary so I felt like I was being forced to read it. I only continued to read on because I wanted to know how it ended but I am lucky that I didn't just stop the book. I hate to give up on books. I always try to pull through and this was definitely a struggle but in the end I liked it and would probably read the second installment but probably not anytime soon. I need a break. I would also like to see what everyone else who felt the same way as me, what they thought of Beautiful Darkness. To see if it has the same effect.

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