Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Kingdom of Ohio - Matthew Flaming

Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: Hardcover / Library
ISBN: 9780399155604
Pages: 336
Rating 3/5 Stars

I have many mixed feelings about this book. I loved the historical aspects of old New York especially about the building of the Subway because I used to work in the NYTM Archives and I currently work for the MTA so it's kinda cool to associate them. I worked on collection of images that were just of the construction of the subway so I really could picture that in my head. I loved the whole thing about Edison, Tesla and Morgan. I have been to the Morgan Library and it is really something else!!!

The love story was nice but nothing too stand-outish. I really can't explain it. Their relationship started off very strangely and I just never really felt connected to either of them. The whole book sorta dragged a lot for me. At some points I just wanted to get to the point already and get to the ending but it seems like it never really came. I took me quite some time to get through the book. As I said I did enjoy it it just wasn't really engulfing.

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