Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I really hate to do this but I just hafta! I had to weed through some of my books. It was hard to do but it is really getting outta control. I have well over 800 books and not counting the books I get for my girls! People give them to me, I find them , swap/trade them, and buy them. They are everywhere. I don't even include my text books from school. These I keep as references. The above pic is not mine but it really could be. I have really no where to put them. I have one very large wall bookcase in my living room and then I got a 2 shelf one, a headboard, and a tall skinny one in my bedroom. They are all front to back and piled everywhere! I truly believe it is an addiction!

So I went through a lot of my books and got "rid" of a few of them. I left some in the hallway of where I live and these are for the taking. They weren't the best books but I knew I had no other home for them. I put many of them up on Goodreads swap and many of them already went and I just give them to people that I know would enjoy them or just to take them off of my hands. Many of these books I knew I would never read or I have read and thought it was OK or I hated it!

My husband is proud but I think he is addicted too. He doesn't read them but I think he buys me more books than I do myself! Oh well, stay tuned to my GR Swap list and maybe you will find something there! http://www.goodreads.com/swap/user/1334924-donna?tab=available

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Cathy said...

This is the funniest picture to use when talking about sorting thru your books!! Haha...my fiance feels the same as your husband...in fact he just got me a book shelf with the idea that I would finalyl sort thru the copious amount of books overcrowding our back room:)