Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: The Ghost Trap - K. Stephens

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 326 (ARC)
Format: Oversized Trade Paperback

Published: 2009

ISBN: 978098151471

Rating: 4/5

Another great free copy from the TNBBC via the publisher. At first I thought that I wouldn't like it as much as I did but I trust Lori (the super-mod from TNBBC) and she gave a pretty sweet review and how could I pass up a free copy??? SO I gave it a shot and boy am I glad I did!

This book sets the stage for lobster wars in Maine and how small towns function as a whole and the daily lives of it's people and how important it is to them all. These so-called wars are insane and get never let things go but it makes for a great story. Of course I loved Anya and Jamie but I just wish there was more sensitivity on Jamie's part since Anya's head injury. I can totally understand why Jamie gets a little off the handle with her because it can be frustrated. It is hard to handle someone like this especially since he has she her better and happy and now sort incompetent and fragile. But I just felt she was trying and she needed a little more support from him. Things could have worked out better but I don't think Jamie belongs in a small town and even though he made his way to big cities in the past, I don't feel like he is in the right mind set as the rest of the small townees.

I just love the way Stephen writes. She write the way people today talk (tawk). I like how she really describes the community. She has a real sense of description. I saw everyone and everything and then I looked at Stephen's website and there she had images of Maine and her friends and it made total and complete sense. The only negative I have is that some times I was a little lost and confused at where things were gonna go but then after a second or two I started to follow. I just hate to work so hard at books but I still gave it a high rating so my argument is small!

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