Friday, September 30, 2011

Review: I am Number Four (#1) - Pittacus Lore

Genre: YA SiFy Fantasy

ISBN: 9780061969553

Published: August 2010

Format: Hardcover

Series: Lorien Legacies #1

Pages: 440

Rating: 2/5stars

Read: September 2011

Did I miss something? I feel that everyone loved this book and even a movie was made from it! I must admit that I read the book and as soon as I closed it I put the movie on. They seemed similar but not like. So many things were turned around and cut out and blah blah. OK this is a book review not a film review nor a comparison but I don't know which one was better. Maybe the movie since I got a visual because I adore Jake Abel!

OK back to the book. I just felt that the characters were so one dimensional. I couldn't really see them and didn't quite understand them. They didn't have much feeling. I really enjoyed the plot and found it very interesting but it didn't make the grade in it's entirety. I am sure I will still read The Power of Six (#2) but this time I won't buy it. I wanted so much more from the book. I loved the whole training scene and really wish they would have put that into the film and I also loved the ending when...well, you know! I really enjoyed the whole idea of the aliens. Who you could only kill them in sequence and of how they knew who would be next due to the markings that they would get and I also love how they can only get stronger when they are all together. Well, we have yet to really see that but I can get the idea.

I can't leave this blog until I mention Pittacus Lore. First I hate how he used that name in the book as well. It is like "liking" your own status on Facebook. It is just something you don't do and I know that Lore is Jame Frey(author of A Million Little Pieces and is infamous for saying -to Oprah no less- that is was a true story but was later found that it was mostly BS). I don't blame him for making pseudonyms for his writings (there are more names) but just don't put your name on the cover and in the book -it's just weird.

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