Thursday, October 23, 2008


OK. So I am obviously talking to myself, which is fine cuz well....?

Any who...My rant for the day will be nothing really special since I am feeling alright. I am going to get my hair colored tonight and that's always exciting (not so much the long process of it but more on the finally-I-look-good aspect of it).

I am kinda annoyed that I didn't get a chance to read my book on the train this morning because I was talking to some friends (which is not such a bad thing but...) and I am also annoyed that I ate all my dinner last night which required me to buy lunch and I work in Mid-town Manhattan which means I spent $8.00 on a soup and sandwich (which sucked) and that money could have went to buying another book.

it just goes to show you that I'd rather read than eat but I didn't so now I am mad. I gotta go shopping..........

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