Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Glass Castle

So far I like this book. I wasn't planning on reading it but I found it in my library at work and I started to read it while I was waiting for someone and I picked this book up and... So far I really am enjoying it. I am only on page 25 but the minute I opened it ans began it grabbed my attention. I like how The family is so distraught but yet it seems like a game but then again it is very heart breaking. There is this one part where the mother says that they entered the young girls name in a contest and they won a free helicopter ride and when the little girl asked when they were gonna go the mother said that they did already and that it was fun! I think my stomach dropped.

The author writes of her life growing up and it is so hard to read some parts but look at her now. Even though she went through a lot (I am sure there is more but I am only in the beginning) she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She wrote for many magazines and newspapers and she also married a writer so I guess she is a natural born writer and Oh, how I wish that was me!

I want my daughter to become a writer. I know that it is hard and it may not pay much but think that people who write are very creative and imaginative and I feel that no matter your age you should never lose that. I have no patience for it. I always used to write but it is no longer my top priority and I just make reading and school on the top (of course I can't compare that to my home life)

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