Monday, December 1, 2008

Glass Castle

I liked this book a lot but there were some things that annoyed me and if you don't like spoilers then skip this because there are some.

First, it annoyed me that they always stuck up for the parents. I know that family s supposed to stick up for each other but it's not like the parents really did anything to help them out. When Jeannette got burned at 3 years old for cooking hot dogs her mother decided to tell her that they entered her name in a contest and won a helicopter ride and when the little girl asked when they are gonna go her mother said "Oh, we already did, it was great" my heart dropped. I couldn't believe it. The mother was obviously mentally unstable. I kept thinking that maybe she would change but when she was hiding food from her children, while they were eating out of dumpsters, I was enraged. I was really disappointed in the end when the parents came to NY to live with their children. I thought that they finally got away and could live happy lives but as soon as they showed up I wanted to throw up! There were a lot of other things that bothered me but this is the most of it.

I am now reading the 3rd book of Stephanie Meyers Twilight series, Eclipse and as usual it is going by very quickly and I am hoping to have it done buy the end of the week so I can start City of Ember. Oh well, we will have to find out if I have enough time on my hands.

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