Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote Gore Maybe he will win this time!!

Ahh, the good ol' days of voting. Remember when your vote counted? It seems now that the president is a celebrity and not a government official. Oh well, let's wait it out and see who the lovely winner is... Obama? or McCain?? This is a very hard decision to make and I know no one agrees with me but what are we voting for? Things are shitty now, do you think someone will really pull is out of war? take away out freedom of choice? and so on and so fourth. Both have good and bad qualities and I just can't figure out who is really worth it and I have a pretty good idea who it may be but it may be for all the wrong reasons and it may be for all the right ones but I will have to make a decision before the 9pm cut off.

I am reading Twilight so far and I feel very young. I am only on page 68 and I feel like I am in H.S. I heard it was good and I am just waiting for that part to come. There are over 500 pages so I am hoping that I am not wasting precious reading time on this.

Let's cross our fingers that this is a good book and may the best win!

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