Friday, December 5, 2008

Are you ReadingThis??

Now that I know I have a few secret followers. I should write more often but I won't. I do when I am in the mood and lately I am too tired to do anything. Most people get sick in the first few month. Me, I am utterly and absolutely exhausted all the time. I could sleep for 20 hours and still wake up feeling like I haven't slept in months! Oh well, I guess it's better than being sick. I only feel like this in the beginning and then I am just tired, not painfully tired like now, just sleepy.

So, I am at the last 100 pages of Eclipse and I still am not too crazy on this series but I do gotta admit that this one seems to be a little bit better than the other 2. Only because it reminds me of my youth. First loves are so cute. I remember he always wanted to make sure I was safe. Then there was the second love not nearly the same but still cute. Then the last (who s still here) he seems to be the first time fell-in-Love type but he is not. He always wants me safe and no matter what has to follow up all the time. He doesn't really care where I go so long as I keep him up to speed. But enough about that...

The whole Twilight series irks me in a way because Meyer doesn't seem to really grasp the concept of what teenagers are really thinking and doing. Isn't she a Mormon??? There are many things that I just feel that she really doesn't understnad. Isn't Edward supposed to be over 100 years old? Why doesn't he act like it? Sometimes I can see a little of the elder in him but very rarely. Well, Eclipse is a "cute" story and nothing more but I guess it's really not for me to like but YA's.

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