Monday, December 15, 2008


I got absolutely no reading done this weekend. It all started on Saturday Morning, I awoke with a huge headache that didn't want to go away and when you are pregnant you can only take regular Tylenol (like that's gonna help) then I had to take my 8 month old to a Xmas party at a local firehouse which had a DJ so that was fun. Then afterwards my Great friends from LI came down 'cause they wanted to go see the tree in Rockefeller Center so we had the babies all snug and bundle while we froze and walked around the city (in which I hate cause I work there) then they came back to the house for some drinks and Japanese food in which I couldn't drink and I ate chicken! ALL with the headache still present.

Sunday was worse. I had the same headache only more severe and I tried to sleep it off but it was just too big. around 2:30 I finally got myself together and went to eat and go shopping wit the baby, hubby, and my brother. I thought that going out would help but it didn't. So afterwards we went home because I was hurting and it persisted until this morning when I woke up it was finally gone. But I am still exhausted and a little nauseous today but I had never had that part before so maybe it is a boy??? We will see in 12 more weeks!!!

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