Friday, January 30, 2009


So I am feeling a little better now although the headaches refuse to go away. I am not as tired as I have been. But I still get my butt kicked on the train. I know no one sees that I am pregnant but still I don't think that anyone should be pushed around like the way I do.

Well, I am moving out of my apartment on March 1st. I love my apartment now and it is perfect but the neighbors suck! The ones upstairs from me are Section 8 and if I would have known that I never would have moved in. they are horrible people who never sleep. All night every night the TV is blaring, the dogs are fighting, they are having sex while watching Shrek and they wear their boots all day. They threatened my mother and me so I think we are done. Also, the people downstairs seem to be dealing drugs! So I think it is time to go. Now my new apartment id facing the beach. There is nothing obstructing my view! I live closer to my friends and better shopping and it is in the school district. My mother and brother too decided to take the apartment upstairs from me. They used to live down the block from me. So this is exciting but why do I always seem to move while I am pregnant? I guess it is a good excuse to not do anything! I can pack but that is pretty much it but I really do hate moving!

I am ready Breaking dawn now and I am trying my best to get through it. As I have said before Stephanie Meyer is not on my list of good authors but I am pulling through. I am almost to page 300 and it is due back to the library in 3 days. Think I can do it? I doubt it considering it is the weekend and also that school is now back in session and I gotta read a lot of articles as well as prepare myself for a 30 minute presentation on Wednesday. Well, we will just have to find out now, won't we???

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