Thursday, February 5, 2009


So.... I feel so horrible but there was nothing that I could have done. My baby girl fell out of her crib last night. My hubby put her in her crib while he made a bottle and she got up to lean on the bar and the bar dropped and she flipped over and landed on her back. He was in the kitchen and I in the bedroom and we heard a Thump and both ran in to see her on the floor. She cried for less than a minute and then she was happy and playing again but let me tell you, that feeling, WOW! It was so horrifying. My hubby and I cried while she laughed and played. It really sucked, for lack of a better word. She has no bumps, bruises, cuts, or bleeding but I called the doc just to see and she told me since she was at such a young age to bring her in anyway. So, she has an appointment for late today. GOD!!! I hated every minute of that and now I get sick just thinking of it. She seems fine though but still I can't help but feel horrible.

Well, I thought I'd just mention briefly of what I am now reading, which is The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer. I'd figured that I read A Child Called "It" and so I have to continue, even though it makes me sick to my stomach I still have to see what happens. I know he grows up to be successful and a mentor but you still like to see how he got to that. The mother is crazy and here I am worried that my daughter fell out of her crib and here is this women trying to poison her child by locking him in the bathroom with bleach and ammonia! Oh well, I hope she rots in hell!!!

I will keep you posted on Marley but I am sure she is fine but it is definitely going to be a tough one putting her to bed tonight!

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