Thursday, January 22, 2009


I will never understand why pregnant women are the most invisible people in the world. I can have a sign and still people will act like they don't see me. I think it's a New Yorker thing! I see them look right at the belly and then quickly act like they are rading or sleeping. It is just insane. Don't mind the fact that I am holding something so precious and small! I know that I am not a big fat pregnant lady but I am def visible. AND I read Fit Pregnancy and Pregnancy and Newborn magazines. I also started to count how many times I get cross-checked in Grand Central (GCT) Yesterday 2 times and today 2 times. I once got smacked into a wall and almost lost my balance and another time I got hit in the face with a man bag and I cried for half an hour. The other day I got hit really hard in the back and he didn't say anything. I cried again on the train like a baby but my hormones are raging!!! Normally I would go up and start yelling and name calling but I was a blubbering idiot. At least one person asked how I was and another one gave me a seat (3 stops later). It sucks be pregnant in NYC!!!!

Anyway, I am on 150 of Me Talk Pretty One Day and I can tell you that it makes me feel a little better on the train because this book makes me LOL!!!

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