Friday, September 11, 2009

Stieg Larsson

So I finally finished up on Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and I gave it a total of 4 stars. I really enjoyed it but I wouldn't give it a full 5 stars. There are just some important things I feel that he left out (and for obvious reasons) Sometimes I felt that he thought very highly of himself maybe cocky? Oh well I guess in some ways he has the right to be.

I am now starting the late Stieg Larsson's second book The Girl who Played with Fire it is the second of the trilogy (The Girl wit the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, & The Girl who Kicked the Hornets nest - yet to be translated). Mr. Larsson died shortly after his books were published. He lived in Sweden. The first of his books were great but it was very hard to get into at first because of all the business jargon but once you got passed the first few chapters it was quite good. This book grabbed you the minute you opened it. So far I can't put it down! It is too bad that the author passed away (and at a young age too - mid-fifties) because I think he would've kept writing and delivering such great books but we will just have to thank him for what he did leave us!

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