Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still reading Shantaram...

Well, I am still reading Shantaram. I got no reading done this weekend because I had much to do. Friday we had the Brooklyn Cyclones game. Saturday we went to a BBQ. Sunday we went to our friends house in Long Island and in the car on the way there I read some articles for school and then on Monday, since I had the day off I let my babysitter have the day off too so it was just me and the girls. Once I got them to nap my sister and her husband came over and took us all out to dinner. Once I got them down I jumped in the shower and I was going to read for a bit and then take care of some chores but that never worked. By the time I got home from dinner, we went to look at an apartment that we may move into (but not for another year or two - it's a long story) and when I got home I was done. i was so tired that after I got the girls ready for bed, I took the baby into bed with me and left my husband with Marley and I went to sleep. I think it was like 8pm.

So, I got to read on the bus on the way into work today and this part of the book is not the greatest but now it is starting to get better. I am at the part where he is at the war and blah blah now it is getting good because he just found out about Khader and so on... I just wasn't getting into the war part so much and then Khader & Lin got into one of their rants and I found myself reading but not really paying attention to what I was reading. I don't know maybe I am just ready to get to the next book. Or maybe I am just reading too much from pleasure to school to work. Who knows? But at least now it is getting better again. I still love the book.

I am going to start The Girl Who Played with Fire right after this.

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