Friday, October 9, 2009

Sarah's Key - Rosnay

Sarah's Key is about a young girl who's family is being taken away to the Concentration Camps. Sarah lives in France and of course is Jewish so when the French police come to take them away her and her family think nothing of it. Sarah's little brother Michael locks himself in the secret cupboard because he is scared so Sarah leaves him there and takes the key with her. When she realizes that they might not come back to get Michael the story unfolds and now it's about Sarah's journey to get back to him.

I did enjoy this however, I would have liked to hear more about Sarah's story rather than Julia's. Julia is the present day inhabitant of Sarah's old apartment and Julia is putting the pieces together of the past to find out what happened. I like Sarah's story more than Julia's. In the present day there is too much talk of Julia's life and blah blah. All those pages that did not have Sarah, Michael, or Jews in it could have vanished and it would have been great! I liked Sarah's story and I felt that the book would have been really strong if it would continue on. There was so much going on in Julia's life that Sarah's story got cut off and things happened so quickly. I mean I guess that's how things are and I guess if Rosnay was trying to point that out they kudos but I still would have like the story more to be about Sarah and less about Julia.

My next read is House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and it seems like it is going to be a long read. it is too much work. His style of writing is different and creative but I hate to work while I am doing something for pleasure. I will continue on in hopes that it gets better.

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