Monday, November 2, 2009

High on Arrival - Mackenzie Phillips

I was up and down with this book. I mean I liked it but that was all. I felt that sometimes she was holding back and didn't really want to tell the truth about "certain" things. She did tell a lot and I am sure it was hard for her but then there were things that I just couldn't quite grasp. Like about her father, I think she was more aware than what she was telling us. I think she loved her father very much so and wanted to protect him and that's why she waited until his death to come out about it but I feel that maybe she wanted to be "closer" to him (if you get me) not that she wanted to be intimate with him but I do feel that maybe she allowed it to happen because she wanted his attention (leaving nothing really wrong with her but more so with him.
It's funny how you feel afterwards. You really don't think of John as a human but simply as a spirit of some sort. She doesn't really give him a personality. Well, I mean, he does seem like a "far out delusional schizo" but I mean like she doesn't really give him a soul. He just seems like he's there and he's not at that's it. Maybe that's who he really was.
Do I make sense? It makes sense in my head and I fell maybe I am not being as clear as I want to be. But with that being said 3/5 stars just because it was a good read

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Book pusher said...

It is a rather disturbing story, not one I will probably read but I found your review interesting and you make sense, I think I know what you mean. Do you think this could be more about attention and money than anything else???