Friday, November 6, 2009

Hummingbirds: A Novel - Joshua Gaylord

I had a lot of thoughts about this book but still cannot put all of them into words but first I would like to say I like the voices of the book. It is very contemporary. Even though there is a lot of poetic scandal (?) in the book you are never quite on any ones side and that is what I liked most about the book.

You didn't hate anyone nor did you feel bad for anyone. Things just happened and I never really felt against anyone and I thought that was kinda nice. It's nice to read a book for pleasure and feel for everyone as a whole but not hate them or love them. It kinda felt like everyone is your friend and you are hearing all sides of their stories. I liked it and I recommend it to people who enjoy a nice read. There is nothing too complicated about this book and no one drives you mad but there is this beauty in the way Joshua writes and you will not know it until you indulge yourself in it.

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