Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Truly, Madly - Heather Webber

I won an ARC of this from and I gotta say that this is one of those don't-judge-a-book-by-the-cover kinda things. The cover and the title are very misleading. If I would have passed this in a bookstore I would have not even gave it a second look. But because I won an ARC I read it and I loved it! It was such a good read and is something I normally wouldn't have read but I very much enjoyed it. I thought that there was going to be very detailed intimate situations but found that there was just enough romance and that was not even close to be overpowering. Her next book looks the same as this one Deeply, Desperately it is another Lucy Valentine novel and I am most likely going to read it. Truly, Madly is not due out until February 2010 and Deeply, Desperately probably due out in March 2010.

The whole story is about Lucy Valentine who can find items that you have lost by touching your hand. It is like a psychic ability and she wants to put it to some really good use that could help others find more serious things. She searches for a lost boy and a long lost love that enfolds a murder and she also finds romance. As I said this is not something I would normally read but I am glad that I got a chance to and I will read the next of the Lucy Valentine installments. hank you Ms. Webber and I wish you all the luck!

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Heather Webber said...

HI Donna,

Thanks for the great review! So glad you liked the book. Deeply, Desperately is due out in August 2010--not too bad of a wait.

Thanks again!