Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedlock - Wendy Moore

Genre: Historical non-ficiton
Format: Hardcover / Library
Pages: 324 (not including awknowledgments, notes, and bibliography)
ISBN: 9780307383365
Rating 3.5/5 stars
It took me some time to read this book for 3 reasons:

1- It didn't grab me in the very beginning
2- It's summer. I am always tired and lazy
3- I was reading 4 books at once.

After all that I started to get into it and dedicated more time into reading it. I feel that it was a good read and a nice change. It shows you had it really was in the 1700's. I just couldn't believe the maddness and the choas it all became. Stoney was just an unbearable human being and he was such a conniving A-hole! But I am glad that Mary was so smart and it may have taken some time but she got to help herself from going truly insane! I just love that it was a true story, I mean I wasn't happy to find out that people (especially women) were treated as such, but I did like how the author tied in facts and dug deep to gain more insight to the truths and she did a very good job. She writes beautifully and sophisticativly. I wish that there were pictures but it may have been a copyrighted issue but she explained it to where you could see it in your head.

I was never really into reading about the 18th Century but I do enjoy watching films based on this time period so when reading this I played it all in my head. I searched Wikipedia and Google to gain images and to compare notes and I found it all fascinating.

Here is the link to the Wikipedia pages

Here are some images:

Mary Eleanor Bowes Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm always interested in various time periods and looking for reference books that show how things really were for books I want to set in those time periods.