Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys

Genre: YA Historical Fiction
ISBN: 9780399254123
Pages: 346
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Format: Paperback / ARC

My husband found this book and I just needed to read it. It doesn't come out until March of this year (2011). The cover is beautiful as well as the story. The video below is a great piece of the story and is amazing of how Ruta incorporated real stories into her own. I knew a lot of Stalin's rule and I too believed he was just as bad as the rest of them , if not worse. Didn't he shoot his own wife?

Anyway, the story is heartbreaking from beginning to end. I loved the epilogue and I just wish I could have read it in itself. Maybe there will be another book? Who knows? But this story was so sad and also courageous. It is a bout a young Lithuanian girl (about 15) and how her, her mother and brother were taken from their homes and cent away during WWII. They were not Jewish but were considered Fascists and criminals because of their rankings in society. The people who were taken away were librarians, teachers, doctors, lawyers and the like. They were sent away to farms and camps to build for the Soviets. It is a very good story and beware because it is very emotional.

I am thinking I need to read something a little more upbeat! All these sad books are killing me!!!!
Enjoy the Video.

Ruta Sepetys discusses her upcoming novel, Between Shades of Gray from Penguin Young Readers Group on Vimeo.

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