Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

Genre: Erotic Fiction

Format: eBook

Pages: 391

Published: May 2011

Series: Fifty Shades #1

Rating ?

It is truly hard to rate this book. I am not sure how I feel. It really angered me at points and yet I still continued on. I see now why women love this book: 1) it has many dirty scenes 2) a good looking young rich male will buy and do anything for "you" and lastly, 3) it's full of shit. People eat it up because it's not real nor will it ever be. OK maybe some of it I can believe and maybe that is why I continued on but seriously? that stalking crap is out. I don't care about all the money in the world I need my damned space! And I am more of a dom than a sub. Someone gives me crap...uh uh..no way.

Maybe some people like that, me not so much. It reminded me of a more dirty version (and less paranormal) than Twilight and I had this thought in my head the whole time reading before I read the reviews and it felt good to know that I was not alone. The writing is horrible but that also made it easy to read. Maybe that should be on my list?

Going back to my list, #2 is what I really think people gall over. He's handsome, rich, and wants to buy "you" everything and anything but "you/her" complaints (hmmm, Bella?). Most women would sign that stupid thing in mere seconds to have what she had (again me, not so much) call me old fashioned and sure I am a women I can handle some smut now and then but this was just ridiculous and just didn't sit right. The sex scenes were bearable but I just hated his domineering attitude and those damned "contracts" and not to mention his stalker behavior. I guess that's what turned me off and away (and of course the crap writing). Oh well, I guess I will continue on with the series simply because he doesn't love a good crime scene? You just can't look away and plus, I like to be in the know!

**UPDATED** I hate the damn Italics and I hate "Inner Goddess" I can totally do with out those (and probably "my sex")

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