Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James

Genre: Romantic Fiction (?)
Pages: 394
Format: eBook (nook)
Published: September 2011
Rating: 2/5 Stars
Read: April 2012
Series: Fifty Shades #2

I wrote a review way back when I finished it and then some freaky reason it was erased and I just haven't mustered up the stamina to write another one but I just can't sit on it forever so here goes....

I can't say I am a fan. I read the second in the series simply because I was hoping that I would not be lost in the sea of the fan fictioners. I thought that maybe, just maybe, that it was only the first that was terrible but then I realized that I wasted time in my life that I am never getting back. I mean, it was  "terrible, horrible" but it wasn't "Holy Hell" either. I read it right? so that's gotta stand for something. I can tell you that I will not read the third unless it is free and I have nothing else to read but given that I have a nook and over 600 books in my apartment I can't really see that happening.

I disliked it for the same reasons why I dislike Twilight I just couldn't stand the winy-ness but at least there was sex whereas is the latter......

Something good did come from this, it broadened my mind to what is out there and also that sex is sex is sex and should be embraced and not wasted on BS or not even being used. I also found out what BenWa balls where but those are my positives.

I can see however why many women like it because it's soft pron like Skinemax. I get it. I do but I am not joining in on the fun. I simply can't but I am giving a thumbs up to those who do like it. I am not judging you, just the book.

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