Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Dirty Nook

So after reading the infamous Fifty Shades (1 & 2)  I decided to search out some actual good ones (erotica wise) but I think I am looking in the wrong places. I have been doing the whole free-on-the-nook- thing and not really working. The good thing is that the books are usually under 50 pages the bad thing is that I force myself into reading them and it's not as good as I hoped. Yeah, it gets straight to the point but then there are things that I wish were not there or books that had potential but faltered. I joined an Erotica book club on Goodreads and I am enjoying it because many of them only read this genre and I had no idea of the many other types or erotica books out there (taboo, MMF, FFM etc) I made a few friends and got a few recs so it works out.

Reading erotica makes me realize that I should embrace sex and not be so standoffish. It's not worth it. I am married and my dreams of doing it  with Gael Garcia Bernal are most likely not going to happen so I might as well enjoy it with my husband ;-)

I use my nook for all my dirties (my friend told me this is why you should not buy used tablets or e-readers lmao) and many of them are free if not very cheap. I think I will read one dirty then a reg than a YA then a dirty.....

Stay tuned.....

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